We have been specialized in the transport to and from Italy since 1990 this company was founded. The shipment to Italy has its own characteristics, that are set by the location of this country and mainly by the habits and mentality of the local inhabitants.

Nearly 58 million people live in Italy. This country is one of the charter members of the EU from 1952. Italy is divided into 20 regions. The north of this country is industrial and the south is agricultural. From the commercial point of view, Italy is the seventh biggest exporter to the Czech Republic. From the Czech exporter’s point of view, Italy is on the seventh place as well. Every August, big Italian industrial companies are closed due to holiday. This causes problems to provide shipment from Italy throughout the whole month, and also in the end of July when the majority of importers from Italy stock up with goods for this period of time

Driving is prohibited and most of the firms are closed during these public holidays in Italy:

  • New Year’s Day, January 1
  • Epiphany, January 6
  • Easter Sunday, date varies from late March through April
  • Liberation Day, April 25
  • Labor Day, May 1
  • Republic Day, June 2
  • Assumption Day (Ferragosto), August 15
  • All Saint’s Day, November 1
  • Immaculate Conception, December 8
  • Christmas holidays, December 25-26

Except for those, other religious feasts are celebrated in different seasons, especially in big cities.

Shipment routes to/from Italy are also specific, because it is necessary to cross over Austria and the Alps. Vehicles that transport goods to/from Italy must get through strict inspections on the border lines of these states. Technical condition, overload or vehicle’s equipment may be checked according to ADR convention. It is obvious, that the transport vehicles and semitrailers ought to be in a very good technical condition. To cross over the Alps from/to Czech, we often go through the passage over Brenner’s defile. However, it is closed up during night time. When we transport goods from/to Moravia we go through the border crossing Tarvisio/Villach.

We are ISO 9001: 2000 certified.